ProLinga Subversion Server


Welcome to the ProLinga Subversion Server.

Browse through the repositories with WebSVN

WebSVN is availabe to provide remote access to the ProLinga Subversion repositories. To browse through the latest source code and documentation, connect to the Subversion WebSVN server at and select a project.

ProLinga Projects in Subversion

Source code can be checked out and be placed on your local machine for further development. A recent version of the Subversion client must be used. To check out the head of the ProLinga-Validate project from the GNU/Linux command line for instance type the following:

$ svn co prolinga-validate

This downloads the latest source of the validate project and places it in the subdirectory prolinga-validate. The trunk always contains the latest version and is also known as HEAD. While everyone can retrieve the latest sources this way, a password is required to upload files back to the Subversion server. Contact the developer mailing list for more details.

To learn more about working with Subversion and the commands, read this excellent on-line Subversion book.